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What you Need to Know after Being Injured on the Job

Workers Compensation — Work Injury Claim Form in Albany, NY
Workers’ compensation in the State of New York is designed to cover all employees in the event of an on-site injury, work-related driving incident or rehabilitation time due to repetitive work injuries. It should be a relatively simple process, but the laws are constantly changing in favor of employers and insurance companies.
If you are finding it difficult to start or get through the workers’ compensation process, talk to the workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of Mario Crisafulli. We want to help you understand your rights, protect your interests and get the benefits you deserve. Here, we’ll answer your frequently asked questions about the New York workers’ compensation laws. If you need our help we are there for you through the end.

What should be my first steps when I’ve been hurt on the job?

  • Your first step should be, if you can, to notify your employer. If you are not conscious, make sure that any witnesses inform your employer so that the accident can be recorded. Any hesitation on your employer’s end should be noted as strike one.
  • Seek medical attention. Working through an injury will not garner you any favors. It only exacerbates the injury and will only hurt your worker’s compensation claim if it gets worse. If your employer tries to make you sign something that says ‘you’re fine’, consider this strike two.

What should I expect at the emergency room/trauma center?

  • Expect to be drug tested. Their first course of action will be to make this about you. Even with certain medications in your system, your workers’ compensation attorney can still make an airtight case for you.
  • Your employer shouldn’t be there. By law, your employer should not be there to speak to your medical professionals about you. If they are, this is definitely strike three.

Does informing my employer start a claim?

  • It should. If they are hesitant about filing a claim or state outright that they will challenge your claim, you should have attorney on your side.

Do I have to go to the doctor my employer recommends or can I see my own doctor?

  • Yes, and it may be important to do both. You may be required to get an examination from your employer’s doctor of choice, but you can always get a second opinion. Just know that there are some tests, while they may accurately diagnose your condition, may not be covered by the workers’ compensation guidelines.

What if my doctor recommends a treatment that is not covered under general guidelines?

  • It’s up to your doctor to get the approval. They must submit the forms to the committee that presents the need for the specialized test. If the case cannot be made it will not be paid by your workers’ comp benefits.

Do I have to prepare for a hearing with the Workers’ Compensation Board?

  • Not always. There are times when your claim is approved with no disagreements. But if your employer challenges your claim, insisting you were injured by your own negligence or you are exaggerating your injury, there will be a hearing. This would be the best time to call your workers’ compensation attorney from Law Offices of Mario Crisafulli. They have the expertise to put the law on your side and prepare you for any entanglements.

The workers’ compensation process in New York is an elaborate process. The workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of Mario Crisafulli can help you navigate successfully to get the compensation and medical coverage you need. There is no fee if we don’t collect for you. You have only 30 days to file your claim. Schedule your free consultation with us today.