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Are you disabled and unable to work? Mario S. Crisafulli will help fight for your claim

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We'll also help you collect Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

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Over the course of your working life, you've paid into the social security system, and those payments entitle you to more than just protection in your retirement. Social Security Disability Insurance is available to you if you're unable to work due to disability. At The Law Offices of Mario S. Crisafulli, we'll help you navigate the claims process so you can get the compensation to which you're entitled.

You don't have to go through the process alone

When you're unable to work, you have to deal with the effects of your injury or disability as well as the financial hardships that come from lost income. Even if you've already filed a claim and been denied, The Law Offices Of Mario S. Crisafulli can help. We'll fight for your claim through every step of the process, including appeals.
  • No fees until you collect
  • Unable to work due to any type of disability
  • Occupational and non-occupational diseases

Getting the compensation you deserve since 1994

Are you disabled and unable to work? In addition to the physical or mental problems you are experiencing as a result of your disability, you and your family are also experiencing severe financial hardship and stress. If you are denied Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplementary Security Income (SSI) benefits, then Social Security Disability Attorney Mario S. Crisafulli can help you go after the back benefits and monthly checks that your claim may entitle you. We can also help you with Workers' Compensation cases.